5 Year Warranty!


We are so happy with our JTC blenders quality that we want to extend the best possible assurance to our customers. This means that we, as of today offers up to 5 years warranty on our blenders, read more below about how the guarantee works.

For Domestic use:

  • Blender houseand electronics (motor, switches, control electronics), lidcoverbottom platemixing stick and mat is covered by Year warranty.
  • Motor-coal, knivesclutch and pitchers, these parts are wear parts and covered by the regular 2 Year warranty

Do you use our JTC blenders for commercial use (for example, in a Restaurantcafe, bar), then the warranty is different and we cover the same parts as follows:

For Commercial use:

  • Blender houseand control electronics - is covered by 5 Year warranty.
  • Motorcontactslidcovermixing stick, base plate and mat. These parts are covered by 2 Year warranty.
  • Motor-coal, Knivesclutch and bowls and o-rings, etc.. these parts are wear partsand are covered by 6 month warranty.


General (ie it applies to both Business- and domestic use)warranty does not cover:

  • wrong use.
  • the ingress of water into blender house.
  • lack of ordinary maintenance.

Should youcontrary to expectationsneed replacement/repairs under warranty - Complete an RMA case on the page hereThen we will contact you to remedy the error. In general, we will repair or replace parts that may be defective with new or refurbished partsso that the original warranty for the remaining period is still validNotwithstanding this there will be at least 6 months warranty on repaired or replaced parts.

Have you purchased your blender with profblender.dk before this date - then this warranty also applies to your previous purchases!5 Year Warranty